Prayer Requests - United Kingdom

I'm female, 52, and finally getting married. The UK govt has announced restrictions due to COVID-19 today, a week to my big day. Please pray.

I am going through a difficult time with my health and job search. Please pray that God will both heal and provide. Thank you TSC.

Marriage, relationship with children and freedom are all at stake. The storm has brought me closer to God than l have ever been yet my faith falters.

Please continue to pray for Daniel, a young unsaved father of 3 who is very sick with cancer. Jesus, have mercy.

Please pray that God will save and give a real born-again experience to my brother, every member of my husband's family, and my brother-in-law's family.

Pray the weak, poor, and broken are protected and supported by our Lord. May He give those who oppress, belittle the poor, and meddle insight to repent.