Prayer Requests - United Kingdom

I'm on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, but I'm not feeling well and have thrown up on deck. My food gets stuck in my gullet, causing vomiting.

Please pray for my unborn granddaughter, she's got heart defects and surgeries going to be done soon.

Need nightmare neighbor to move ASAP. We bought our Apt he is renting. I can't go Police as I got a record. This guy is trying to provoke me at my door nutcase.

Please help me pray for healing from lupus I need new lungs because the lupus has damaged my lungs (pulmonary fibrosis). Thanks TSC family.

Pastor Petar and Rosie and family need prayer. Petar is 70 years old and a pastor in Bulgaria. He and Rosie were hit by a car and are in the hospital. Please pray.