Prayer Requests - Finland

May God touch my brother in Christ with His love, and set him free from all anger. So he can know the Lord as his intimate Father and Friend. Amen.

Father, please give me the grace to live for your glory again. Need your strength, wisdom and outpouring of grace for everything in my life right now.

Please pray for Markus, an elderly MD. He is in the hospital. New born Christian. Pray for Jesus to heal him. Pray for his wife Carita too. God bless.

Please pray for Finland. Please pray for my wife. She has cancer. Please pray for our marriage restoration. Please pray for our finances.

Please pray for Eero, an elderly Christian man in the hospital. Pray for Jesus to heal him. Salvation for his wife. God bless you.

Please pray for God to stop and convict my wife Tellervo. She cheats on me. Pray for God to intervene. Salvation for her. My health. Our children.