Prayer Requests - Finland

I pray that God will help me to live a humble life and manage my finances in this difficult situation. Also for Him to bless my financial situation. Thank you.

Please pray for my wife who has cancer. Pray also for my marriage restoration and for our finances.

Please pray for salvation, healin.

An emergency. A dog licked my hand today. Now my finger hurts and feels like burning. Please pray for Jesus to heal me. Pray for God to intervene.

An emergency. I have poor health. Wife is untrue having a secret lover. Abusive mentally and try to force me to move away. I haven't got any money. Please pray.

Please pray for God to give me strength and wisdom in my work project and help and blessings in my financial situation. Thank you.

Please pray that God would cleanse me and renew a right Spirit within me. I want to follow and live for Jesus!