Prayer Requests - Spain

Pray for me, I have a sore throat and general malaise. Praying that the Lord doesn't allow it to be COVID-19. Protection and healing, and for my family.

Pray for Dora, and her orphan grandchildren, direct relatives of Ingrid and Ruben, parents of the children, who passed away for COVID-19.

Prayer for the Pastor Proietti; he's in the Hospital, in Miami, for Covid-19 with complications. His family is ill too for the same sickness.

My husband is losing sight of the left eye, a problem with the macula. Please, pray he recovers the vision of that eye and his other eye will be fine.

My family and I will be moving soon. I'm serving the Lord and need Him to help me to organize and fulfill everything.

Marina is my daughter's friend. She's thirsty and hungry for the Lord. My daughter shared the gospel with her. Pray for her salvation and restoration.