Prayer Requests - Spain

Pray for a conflict situation with a family and the Education Inspectorate. I am a teacher. May it be resolved peacefully and not harm my job. Thanks!

Pray for Raj, Ravi, Albert, Akash, Sikandar, Vishal, Marcus and Dinesh, their families, church team and ministries. They receive severe persecution.

Please pray for my mother, Francisca, who is 87 years old and has contracted Covid-19. Please pray for divine healing and her salvation. Thank you so much, TSC!

Please, pray for me! I have insupportable tooth pain. I'm taking medicine, but it's the same, doesn't stop the pain. Thank you, TSC and Lord God!

Lord, Carlos is a new young man in your Kingdom. He was born again a few days ago. Please, protect him, and may he grow in your grace. Thanks!

I have some issues from the Covid, in addition to having Hashimoto's: extreme fatigue, dry cough, sore throat that come on suddenly. Heal me, Lord!