Prayer Requests - Spain

I have 60% vision loss in my right eye due to the macula. Now I am losing vision in the other eye, due to the passage of time. Heal me Lord!

Please, pray for us. We are five members of my family, and we all have COVID-19. Thank You Lord and TSC. Have mercy, Lord!

My daughter's boyfriend has Covid-19 and a high fever! We are always together, so I most likely have it too, even though I feel fine. May we be healed and not get worst.

Please, all family of my daughter's boyfriend have COVID-19. They were together and there's a possibility that we can have it too. Urgently, we need prayer!

Pray for finances. Our car is breaking, and other things are broken, and we don't have money to fix it or buy them. Please Lord, You are our provider!

Pray for my wife and I, to have strength and wisdom in dealing with our 5 children as we do not agree regarding vaccinating children.