Prayer Requests - Spain

My son Dany wants to change his job to have more time with his family. May the Lord guide him to find this. Thank you God!

Prayer for a revelation so clear for my life and my wife of Jesus; for understanding of the Bible and God's will.

Lord, help me to win the lawsuit so that Spain recognizes the years I worked in Argentina since there is a bilateral agreement that must be respected.

Gaby needs a job. His ex-wife has put a complaint against him because he doesn't pay the monthly support for their two children. He's ill with depression.

Pray for Dana. She will get the COVID-19 vaccine, and she asks that there won't be any side effects. Thank You, Lord!

I urgently need to sell our land in Argentina. I live in Spain. My sister wants to buy it. Lord provide the finances to make it happen. Thank you Lord!