Prayer Requests - Denmark

We have been praying for 22 years - for healing for our son. Doctors have done what they can do - we know God can do more. We pray for a miracle.

Please pray. It is my first time I am speaking in a Pentecostal church live on Sunday. I am in training under the pastor. Help Jesus. Thanks.

Please continue to pray for Annika, 15, she is making progress but is going to court on Monday for something she did last year. Thanks.

Please continue to pray for 15-year-old Annika. She is making progress in the institution. She is clean and attending school. Thanks.

Please continue to pray for Annika at 15, in a correction institution. She is being bullied.
She is intelligent and is trying hard.

Please pray for 15-year-old Annika at my workplace. The institution where she and I sentenced to live. She has a good heart but is so rejected. Thanks.