Prayer Requests - Germany

After my friend Catherine outwardly returned to Jesus, she still needs a fresh revelation of His love and be open to hear His voice.
Thank you.

Lord help Eric to fully surrender to you so he will be a godly and righteous man. Let him not be distracted by the voice of the enemy and set his eyes on you alone.

Justice O Lord for my eyes are on YOU. Bring my children back to me from land of captivity and deliver us back to our own land. May Jesus be glorified.

Holy Spirit, bring Mauro to true repentance. Give him a desire after God's heart. Break every chain and bondage of sin and sanctify him by the truth.

Bring Mauro and Eric out of captivity from the kingdom of darkness. Transform them with renewal of their hearts in Jesus. Be men after God's heart.

Deliver us O Lord from the snare of Your enemies. Do not let us be put to shame and disgrace for our hope is in YOU. May Jesus be glorified.