Prayer Requests - Colombia

Jimena is expecting but the baby has malformations in his heart and brain. The doctor is recommending an abortion. Help us pray!

Please pray for my father. He is in the ICU with COVID-19. We are praying for a miracle but we are asking God to help our faith. Thanks!

Pray for the mental health and spiritual healing of Y. J. She is a believer who has battles with suicidal thoughts, depression and low self-esteem. Thanks.

Please help me to pray, I really need God's help to do a good job in my workplace. I want to honor His name. Thank you TSC.

Please pray for provisions for the children, to procure the necessary electronic devices (computer, cell phone) to support their virtual learning.

Elizabeth prays for healing for her father, who is very sick and has not eaten for 4 days. They are Venezuelan and have no money for treatment.