Prayer Requests - Brazil

Pray for the salvation and protection of my mother, Clarinha, my father, Miguel, my brother, Jonathan, my aunt, Elizabeth, and my great-aunt, Rita.

Pray for the salvation of my mother Clarinha, my father Miguel, my brother Jonathan, my aunt Elizabeth, and my great-aunt Rita. Also, pray for their protection.

Please pray for deliverance. May God set us free from the devil's attacks: death, destruction,- and theft. May the Lord set me free from persecution. Pray.

The salvation of my mother (Clarinha), my father (Miguel), my brother (Jonathan), my aunt Elizabeth and my great-aunt Rita. Also, their protection.

I ask for prayer for my job. I am very dissatisfied, unhappy, have periods of depression and sadness. I need comfort and answers. Thanks!

Please pray for my life, to God set me free from an evil gang who spreads all sorts of lies against me. Those lies are keeping me three years unemployed.