Prayer Requests - Australia

I spend 5-7 hours per day watching sermons, Christian YouTube videos, bible studies etc, I can't get enough of my Jesus. Please teach me how to Pray!

I want the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
I have been seeking Him for many months - prayer is getting more and more difficult.

Desperate for your help, Lord God! We need a breakthrough for my son and I! A home we can own and an open door for my son's life! Please, show us Your will.

My church has written there own songs inspired by the Holy Spirit and have an album. I need prayer that the songs will reach nations and be touched.

Prayer of restoration for the relationship of Pastor D. and A. This is an ordained relationship. Let there be restoration in Jesus' name.

Father God,
Please make a way out and through for me. I need a home of my own or a bigger place please. You know why.
I love you and ask in Jesus' name.