Prayer Requests - Argentina

TSC, I ask for prayer for my children, A, M, D, and C, that they might come to know Jesus and for reconciliation with their mother after 30 years. Thank You, God.

I ask for freedom from an oppressive spirit in my mind and a swift response regarding the payment of my pension. Thank you, Lord Jesus, and thank you for praying, TSC.

So that the intruders who want my grandparents' house get out of that house. That we can sell it soon. Thanks, Dad! Thank you TSC.

For reconciliation with my children A, D, C, and F who have not spoken to me for 30 years. I don't know my grandchildren. Satanic pact of death be broken on all gs. TSC.
(Translated from Spanish)

I ask that you pray that I can move urgently from the place where I am to an apartment with all the comforts and for the family of my deceased husband. (Translated from Spanish)

Pray for a financial miracle so that we can pay off our debts and buy a residence. Pray that my wife's retirement payments will be unblocked. Thanks, TSC.