Prayer Requests - Argentina

TSC, I ask you to pray for the freedom of our economy and that the pandemic will end soon so that the world will go back to normal. Blessings. Thank you.

We ask for prayer for my husband Rubin, for liberation from satanic attacks that want to stop our progress. Thank you very much TSC, for your prayers!

Please pray for my health - prostate issues and arrhythmia - and for my wife, Elizabeth - inflamed colon and freedom from a spirit of oppression. Thank you, TSC.

Please pray for the payout of my pension. I have been waiting for over two years. I need a miracle from the Lord. Thank you, TSC. Blessings!

I ask for urgent prayer for healing for my mom. She's in the hospital with a little bit of pneumonia and breathing problems. Thanks.

TSC, pray for freedom from a spirit that is stopping the blessing and holding us back. It is making us lose patience and slowing down the blessings of the Lord. Thank you.