Prayer Requests - Argentina

Pray for health and restoration of Mariano and his wife Sabrina. He has anger, rage and is hurtful with his words towards his wife. They have a three-year-old child.

Please pray for us. We are living a disgraceful situation with our government. Pandemic is very severe. Thank you, and every blessing for you.

Pray for the release of our pension and for the release of our grandparents' home occupied by trespassers. May the false acquisitive prescription be canceled. Thank you, Church.

Pray for Ruben and Elizabeth's health, freedom from debt, the approval of both pensions! Pray for the money for our own home and a vehicle. Thank you, Church.

For a comfortable home, soon we have to go, the house where we live will be sold. We want to move. Thank you blessings Church.

The usurped grandparents' house is released and sold, to be able to collect the inheritance. For the retirement procedures of Ruben and Elizabeth to be granted. Blessing.