Prayer Requests - Antigua and Barbuda

Norma has been speaking negatively to her husband about the Church. This has caused him to have a change of heart towards church members. Please pray.

Please pray that my mom is healed from this constant pain in her right wrist. There are little lumps under the skin where the pain is being felt.

Please pray that Brother Jean recovers fully from his broken leg and that he would be able to find a job where he won't be at risk of hurting himself.

Please pray that 85 year-old Agatha who has been serving the Lord wholeheartedly for over 50 years is healed totally from her recent stroke and can smile.

I have been working in a position where I am overqualified for over 9 years. I need guidance as to where I should apply for another job. Please pray.

Please pray that Donna would change her attitude towards me at work and stop speaking negative lies while seeking to keep back others at the workplace.