Prayer Requests - Afghanistan

Prayer for my son to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior, for his willingness to get help
to recover from his heroin and drug addiction, be a sober man.

Prayer for the sex trafficking of children especially the amount of them. For the poor to stop and bow at the feet of Jesus and for healing, especially with children.

God be our shield, over everyone from infant to parents and their dwellings; provide health, wellness, wellbeing, work, ethics, and blessings in the church.

Pray for God's shield in everything and all things; all gifts and talents, blessings over all their lives, dwellings, churches, each shepherd, and all their members.

God spread Your protection in everything and all things, all their rights in everything and all things and all spiritual rights in everything and all things in the church.

God to spread his protection over everyone's dwelling, every blessing, work ethics, and all gifts and talents, health, wellness, wellbeing in everything.