Prayer Requests

Pray for my son's lawyer to represent him tomorrow in court and for the lawyer to give him time to pay the rest of the money.

Pray for salvation and deliverance from gambling and smoking since a teenager and healing of my brother Ronald and his family. He's in the hospital now. Thank you TSC.

Please pray for my son Shaughn to come to the Lord and his wife Dianna. May God continue to bless TSC!

Please pray for my boyfriend who is obeying God and starting his detox from Suboxone. Pray for strength, peace, protection and clarity of mind.

Pray for my marriage restoration. Although in people's eyes, there is no hope. But in God's hands, nothing is too hard for him.

Abba, Father, praying for our nation and it's leaders, our youth, and they come to know Christ and everything he did for us. Praise be to God.

Lord, please heal those who have been divorced, whose past mates are remarried, I feel we are forgotten. We are sorry and hurt too. It's hard to be alone.

Please pray for my son Caleb, with mental health issues, and my son Aaron, who graduated from college, to find a job in business/finance.