Prayer Requests

Father in the name of Jesus ty for giving Catie who attended Summit a divine encounter with You and thank you for bringing home all the backsliders and prodigals.

Father, in the name of Jesus, help Eunice have peace, and have her children serve You, bring her husband home, and thank you for giving her a car and providing for her.

TEXT: I will be visiting TSC Sunday 05/29, with my family. Flying in from Miami, FL with my family. I need prayers for a safe flight to and from.

Lord Jesus Christ Holy Spirit sends angels to go to San Francisco to bless my daughter Dearna Goh M interview. Successful to get job offer high pay.

Pray for OW and JW and family, they will find good Honest Christian Doctors and Lawyers and Advisers to help them. To be Born again Christian, Peaceful Lives.

Pray for JW for born again Christian. Pray for resolving all addictions and good honest Christian helpers and friends. Pray get out of the hospital ASAP.