Prayer Requests

Please pray for a son who has had severe chronic pain for 10 years and is at the end of his rope. Needs to turn his life over to the Lord Jesus. Thank you.

Please pray my job stays safe and protected, they pay me a bonus for Q3, and I stay with my company for many years long term and am successful.

I ask for prayers for Ms. Dolly H. from Tamarac, Florida.
Asking for healing prayers and protection. Remove anything that is not of God.

My daughter is verbally and mentally abused by her husband They have two small children. She warned him of divorce. Pray God intervenes Thank you.

Please pray Jesus would help my husband and me to sell off all property and get out of business and return to the USA.

Since my marriage of 4 years, my Christian husband has managed to be very judgemental on our family and push them away. He will not forgive them.