Answered Prayers - WI

I had difficulty reading docs and computer screen at my new job so I used readers. I asked God to fix my eyes so I wouldn't need readers. He did! Halleluyah!

Praise the Lord! I was hours away from being homeless with my cat and God provided a really, really great apartment (and movers) for us! Thank You Lord!

Praise God! He sent me to a hotel as I've be unable to secure housing and put me among sinners who need a Savior! Pray for good soil for seeds and 100 fold harvest.

PRAISE God! Prayed with a brother for the court case against me to be dropped. God answered and dropped the case against me. Magnificent! Thank You, Father!

Hallelujah! God answered and freed me from the eviction judgement and court fees too. Give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His steadfast love endures forever.