Answered Prayers - WA

Single mom got the job she applied for! Thanks for praying, TSC. Pray God's love to this prodigal will help her return to God. God can do more! Thanks.

Praise and thanksgiving to our wonderful God for His mighty salvation for us and work in our family and lives. Books. Ministry. Healing. Well-being. Love. Friends.

God opened the way for a mission trip to Uganda this week through a special visa. Please pray for a great harvest of salvation. They are hit hard by the virus.

God provided a better job for our prodigal daughter, a single mom! The goodness of God leads us to repentance. God, use this in to bring her back to Him. Thanks.

Thank God for America! For all our huge blessings, love, life, healing, mercies, the Bible! Praise the Lord for family, work, most of all, for Jesus Christ. For good people.

Very grateful to God for giving us great grace for 50 years of marriage this week. We owe our lives and our love to Him. All glory to God!