Answered Prayers - WA

We give thanks for all the rich teachings and word from TSC, Summit, and the churches connected to it. Praying for more churches to follow the Word.

Thanks TSC for praying for my pastor who had colon cancer surgery last Wednesday. Doctors removed all cancer and they have declared that he is cancer free. Praise God!

Single mom took nursing school exam and passed on first try! Thanks be to God for this victory for her! Thanks for praying, TSC. God wins!

Praise the Lord for continual mercies, family breakthroughs, healing, meetings, joy, peace, love, forgiveness, and new life! Wonderful work, books, USA, church, and health.

Huge praise for answered prayers of many months! Book blessings. Love and peaceful home, kindness, family, writings, health, and well-being. Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord!