Answered Prayers - WA

Thank you for your prayers. My sister had fallen, hospitalized with a brain bleed and loss of speech. Six weeks later, an MRI reveals complete healing from injury.

We thank God we have contact with our son after over 12 years. We trust God to bring him back to belief in God and heal his life. Our God can do anything!

Praise God the pastor's grandson in juvenile detention finished freshman year in high school! Might not have done it otherwise. Pray for his return to God. Thx!

Thanks to God for salvation, R and family, healing, love and friendships, work, countless daily blessings, his presence, life eternal. Joy! Thanks for the cross.

To God be the Glory! Husband's echocardiogram done this week shows a normal heart function. He was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with heart failure. We praise Him!

Thanks TSC, for praying for us all, and my sister Lillian. Our Lord healed her from COVID-19. She's leaving the hospital and going back to her nursing home.