Answered Prayers - VA

Thank you for praying. My niece delivered a ten pound healthy baby boy, and her and the baby are doing well. Praise God!

I prayed to stop my body pain and to stop it from detartrating cause I'm only30. My father answered but not the way I expected It was better. I'm closer with Him.

Praise God for working in Alex, Diane's daughter, for her healing and acceptance that God is real and loves her. Prayer works! Thank you Jesus!

I have asked many times for my son-in-law to be considered for a job. He finally got the one he wanted. All glory to God!

Thank God, for answering our prayers, for His healing in Alex. She had abnormal blood counts, is well at home, and in her right mind.

Thank you Lord God for providing answers to every prayer for protection and provision in my job performance report! Praise Jesus! Thanks TSC!