Answered Prayers - VA

Thank you for your prayers for daughter Shayna. First child with easy labor and quick delivery of a healthy baby boy! Praise to the Lord!

Praise God for prayers for Tomas these past few months! He got a new job with a promotion, higher pay in a state much closer to family. Closes on a new house in three weeks.

My dear mom Georgene went to be with God on October 21 with her favorite song and God's angel in the ICU to take her to heaven. Thank you Jesus! Praise God! Love you.

Thank you for praying for me TSC prayer fellowship. A yearly test revealed a concern. But I was able to get in to see a specialist who said all is fine!

Praise the Lord! He is Good! Thank you for praying for Tomas and his job situation. God has provided an awesome job with a promotion! First child due soon :).

I was able to easily find an older car with low mileage at a good price, and the funding is coming together. Now my work commute will be OK. Praise God!