Answered Prayers - VA

My mom who hasn't spoken to me in over two years, messaged me back when I sent her a birthday gift! She also responded to my older sister. Breakthrough starting!

I had previously submitted several prayer requests for my brother and his family. God has worked things out and there is now peace, they are moving on!

I have been without work for over a month now without any savings. God has been so good to me I truly have more food in my home now than when I was working.

Update on Greg M., Assemblies of God World Missions director: He now tests negative for the coronavirus, his kidneys are stabilizing, and dialysis is on hold. Praise God!

Praise God, Greg (Assemblies of God World Missions) received treatment and is recovering from COVID-19. Please pray for continued healing and strength!

TEXT: After I called TSC to ask for prayer for my mom Georgene who was in the ER, the doctor found a small urinary infection and she was given antibiotics and was released with nothing serious. Hallelujah! Thank you, Jesus. Thank you TSC!