Answered Prayers - TX

After ten years of mental health, homelessness, and psychiatric hospitals, my daughter is moving towards the Lord. Thank you for 2014 prayer nights.

Prayed for 34 years for my parents’ salvation. Ten years ago, God told me to put them in His hands and not pray for them anymore. Both were saved before they died.

It's hard to describe this in this space, but basically, I felt quite badly today, but in the afternoon it seems a giant spirit released from me and I feel fine now. Praise the Lord!

Praise report. Banks, 5-year-old received kidney transplant two weeks ago is adjusting well. Thank you for your continued prayer support.

I spent 2020 praying about my finances; things aren't necessarily 100% great but they're significantly better and God got me through all of the worst times.

Answered prayers for my son! Thank you for praying with me for my son and my new granddaughter, Hazel Grace. God is good!