Answered Prayers - TX

Thank you, Lord Jesus! I was given new life, re-baptism in the Holy Spirit/speaking in tongues, a desire to live abundantly during last Sunday's service. Praise the Lord.

Praise God for answered prayer, He healed my granddaughter Andrea and her husband Josh, and my niece Alyssa from COVID-19. She is pregnant and believing that the baby is healthy.

Thank you Lord for the miracle of providing a local job that I do not have to travel every week for! Gloria a Dios para siempre!

Praise the Lord for answered prayer! L's heart is softening and resentment beginning to lift! God you are faithful! Thank you God! Thank you saints for prayers!

Thank you Heavenly Father for answered prayer of a buyer for Shelly's house and financial provision! You are very present in our times of trouble!

Praise report! Howard is totally better tonight. Much, much better. He's still in ICU, but much, much better! Praise the Lord!