Answered Prayers - TN

Thank you, God for a great bone scan report. Only a 4mm spot on c5 that is so small it can't be identified. Thank you for praying with me. Blessings to all.

Carotid arteries are clear. PTL I have a pet scan Friday to rule out cancer in C5 and neck. Glory to God and thank you for praying with me. Prayer works. Thx.

Requested for Stan, who had a horrific fall onto a large dumpster, about 4 weeks ago. After many surgeries he was moved to rehab today. Answered prayer/continue praying.

Betty had several biopsy and all 8 samples were benign. Answered prayer to God be the glory. Biopsy12/2/2021 answered12/10/2021. Thank you God and TSC for praying.

Thank you Lord for leading my husband and answering how he is to proceed in his career. He had been at the end of his rope with stress. Thank you Jesus!

Yesterday I accidently stepped in a small hole and fell, and rolled down a 11' 45' incline. Praise God I have a few cuts and bumps, but no broken bones. Glory to God!