Answered Prayers - SC

Thanksgiving, for youngest son determining to attend college, five years after he graduated from high school and was leading a wandering life. Praise God Almighty!

Jesus supernaturally transforming the hearts of my and husband's families and community! God hears and answers in His time and way! His Word is trustworthy!

I went for a biopsy on a thyroid nodule. The doctor did an ultrasound first and said I didn't need one. There's a huge backstory with my thyroid starting in 2015. Big victory!

I prayed for curses to be broken off my family last week. On Sunday while Pastor Carter spoke, my son and 2 granddaughters were baptized. My son Chris needs prayer.

On time word for the past few weeks. I felt like giving up.
But ever week on time word. God keep you all. God bless you all. I so appreciate you all.