Answered Prayers - PA

PET scan showed my cancer is contained to a small area and will be easy to treat. PRAISE God and thank you, TSC, for prayers!

Thank You, Jesus! Thank you TSC. You prayed for us and we received a modification for our home! We can stay! Praise God. So grateful for His Provision.

Thank God for Daddy who celebrated his 90th birthday today in spite of COVID-19. He's healthy, strong, blessed and a faithful servant of God and loved very much.

Praise God. Carol is out of the hospital after over a month. She is in rehab and needs great prayer still for at recovery that only HE can give her. Praise Him.

I need healing in my body under the arm. I was in a bad accident in 1994 and almost died but, God spared me. I also, have been working during this crisis.

Oh thank you Lord, for coming through. Not only have you provided, but you are untouchable by this global pandemic and have caused me to rest in that trust! Love.