Answered Prayers - OR

Praise God! After 38 years of marraige God brought a miraculous breakthrough! I have been waiting on the Lord and He came through. Seek the truth. Hallelujah.

L visted family l had not been with in over ten years. L feared discord, so l prayed to God and He brought healing and victory! God can be trusted! Hallelujah!

My husband of 26 years, had one foot in God and one foot in the world, l followed Pastor Tim Dilena's advice and used Psalm 38! June 13th he chose to go all God.

Asked for prayer 4 years ago, to the day, for chronic pain in my neck and head. I am now anger-free and pain-free. Thanks for praying!

God is good! At Thanksgiving He asked us to pay a family member's debt, and now we are watching Him provide for our financial needs with miracles! Amen!