Answered Prayers - NY

I submitted a prayer request last week for Roberto, diagnosed with cancer in his appendix, and praise Jesus, they removed it and it was benign! Cancer-free!

Miracle baby Eliana's surgery was a success. The doctor said she's a fighter. Thank you TSC for your continuous prayers. Thank you, Jesus, for your love.

Praise God for our Pastor Tim! He is filled with the Holy Spirit! The church opened up on my birthday and Pastor Tim is being installed in our church on my 29th.

Praise God! TSC is open and everything is going well! God is in control and God's Holy Spirit is alive and well in our church!

I requested to pray for my brother, Eduardo. His open heart surgery yesterday was a success. He is now awake and conscious. Praise the Lord.

I submited a prayer request for Carmen, for a job in the education field, working as an Aide.
Praise God, the prayer was answered.