Answered Prayers - NY

I had a fever that wasn't going away. During the Prayer Meeting, Pastor Tim prayed for healing from fevers and viruses. I was fever-free after the meeting and now!

Thank you, God for a successful surgery that my 7-month-old had. Doctors weren't even sure if they would be able to do his surgery. God made it possible. TSC thank you!

Praise God my cousin Sherod came home from prison today. I asked for prayers a while back he has M.S. and diabetes. Thank you TSC pray now for healing.

Praise the Lord! All glory to God! My sister gave birth to a healthy boy on Sunday! God is so good and faithful! He answered our prayers! Hallelujah! Thanks, TSC!

Praising God for continuing to give my fiance and me peace as we navigate the uncertainty of our September wedding plans. Thank you for your promises, God!

Thank you TSC and people worldwide my dog is on the mend after being attacked by an unleashed dog. Please continue to pray for big babe.