Answered Prayers - NJ

Praise report. Thank you Jesus got my license after a year delay also negative test virus, also my lease renewal, all miracle answers to prayers, God is faithful.

Thanks, TSC and praying partners for agreeing, my son Shaven has gotten his heart-desired job. His location is closing soon, he got promoted.

I thank the Lord that when I requested financial help to be able to travel to see my sister before her death, someone saw my prayer request.

After several years of praying for a paid job, my prayers have been answered, and I can provide financially for my family and others. Praise the Lord!

Thanking my Lord Jesus Christ that my landlord renewed my lease for a year. He didn't raise the rent and this is amazing. God is good. He answered my second prayer. God gets all the GLORY.

Thanking my Lord Jesus Christ for answered prayer. I have an amazing testimony; finally got my license after a whole year of opposition. God is good, He gets all the glory.