Answered Prayers - NJ

My grandson, Romie, 11 years old, with autism and ADHD, gave his heart to Jesus today, Thursday, July 2, 3:36 p.m. Glory to God!

Our Pastors prayed for a miracle. We claim it in Jesus' name. I got my Covid19 test result on Wednesday negative! Thank You, Jesus and TSC for praying!

Praise God! I asked God for a sign towards a breakthrough. I'm waiting on and He brought me that sign! I'm going to see a victory for the battle belongs to God!

Thank You, Jesus. My cousin Sharon (PanamaAA ), who is in a coma is improving. Her doctors are planning to do open-heart surgery.

Hallelujah. Online news: "born again by the power of Jesus, dozens of people saved and healed at the corner where Floyd was killed, evangelism and baptism".