Answered Prayers - NJ

Praise God! We took a Lyft yesterday to Heidi's medical appointment. The Lyft driver is also a follower of Jesus who encouraged us. Thank You, Jesus.

Hallelujah! We met a lab technician yesterday who is also a Christian from Brazil. We spoke about Jesus and that our home is in heaven.

Thank God! My daughter Heidi's brain MRI shows that the brain tumor has not grown. Her Neurosurgeon says see you next year.

Praise the Living God! My friend June, my daughter Heidi and myself were able to get our first Covid-19 vaccine last Wednesday. The second shot on 4/28.

Hallelujah. Thanks for praying for my grandson Romie who has autism. He has been doing much better during his visits. He laughs, plays Wii, we make phone calls.

Praise report. Thank you Jesus got my license after a year delay also negative test virus, also my lease renewal, all miracle answers to prayers, God is faithful.