Answered Prayers - NC

I give thanks to Jesus for everything. I was Given "Caleb" strength to do physical and mental tasks. Not yet finished. But by the Grace of God I will finish!

After 8 tense months of not knowing if I would be able to continue living in my current apartment (I have lived there for 14 years), I was recently notified that I will be allowed to stay. Thank You Jesus!

Thanking God for a sister and brother in India who were blind and recovered their sight COMPLETELY! Praising God for all His miracles! Hallelujah!

Praise God! I got a good report from the cardiologist and the neurologist, okay for surgery. Will see oncologist again on August 25th. Thanks, for all the prayers! God Bless.

I got a good report from the Cardiologist On Monday.
Thanking you for all your prayers. God Blessand Love.