Answered Prayers - NC

Praise God He has heard the prayers! Apartment manager/superintendent is leaving today. Thank you for your prayers, God bless and love you all.

I submitted a prayer request, for my teenage granddaughter Bethany for healing, a few weeks ago. She is being seen by many specialists now. Thank you for praying.

Hallelujah! Although my car needs work done on it, it passed the state inspection Please pray I can get good work needed on it for a fair price Thanks God Bless.

Praise God he has answered prayer concerning my relocation. I have found a family church and a place to live. He has blessed me at my new job too!

I thank God Almighty for sparing my life yesterday while driving and avoiding an accident. Also, for the courage to return to the car and go today.

Hallelujah! Praise God- my brother won his appeal and the charges he faced were officially expunged after 4 long years! Thank you for praying!