Answered Prayers - KS

Praising Jesus for Pastor Conlon's sermon Sunday it was just what our family needed. Two of our kids opened up about anxiety and depression from his testimony.

Praise Jesus! My sister-in-law has been home for 2 weeks now from 2 months in the hospital with Covid-19! She is gaining strength and giving all glory to God for her life!

Praise Jesus! My sister-in-law who had COVID-19 and was in hospital 24 days, has had her ventilator removed! She got to see her 4-year-old daughter the 1st time on Christmas morning!

Praise God for his hand on my sister-in-law! She was taken to the ER critical with COVID-19 and almost into cardiac arrest just yesterday. Today vastly improved!

Please pray for my sister-in-law, she is 36, has Covid-19, on a ventilator, expecting the worst. She has a husband and a 4-year-old daughter. Miracle needed!

Requested prayer for our town, and while the drugs haven't changed, Praise the Lord our youth have started daily prayer meetings to pray for our town and revival!