Answered Prayers - ID

I thank God for TSC David, Carter, Tim and all of the faithful servants who have been with us for 40 years. For all of the anchors that have been for us.

My father has gone to the Lord and thank you all for your prayers of healing. Thankful God took him in His mercy. We’re at peace and we are so grateful. Glory to God.

We prayed for Joshua, had a heart attack and salvation. God is blessing him above and beyond in his health and a promotions on his job. He is calling them"Blessing Report.

Thankful You are hearing my cry and providing Spirit led believers praying for Stephanie, her children, their redemption and our restoration.

Praising Jesus for providing Josh with a room to rent, a raise on his job. He said it was a miracle. Praying he will surrender to Jesus.

Thanking God for Him to heal Jason. He was on a ventilator and really sick with COVID-19. He is now home and going to Church! Using a walker but recovering well, PTL.