Answered Prayers - FL

Giving thanks for the full recovery of my husband from severe Covid that required hospitalization! God does see and hear our tears!

Thank you for praying. Amidst protocols my niece didn't have any difficulty when she arrived in Manila so she was able to attend her sister's wake. Thanks TSC.

Praising Jesus for showing my daughter that worldly things are not good and breaking up friendships with kids who are a bad influence. Thank you my king for grace.

The house I had bought turned out that the title was not done properly, therefore I didn’t own the house. God fixed everything and, in two days, all will be right.

Jesus, thank you for guiding my daughter towards you and bringing her godly friends. Please Jesus, continue to guide her and show her the way to happiness.

I made it though my surgery and I'm healing fine. Thank you for your prayers and praise God for hearing and answering.