Answered Prayers - FL

I asked for prayer for Trent’s son who was in a medically induced coma after a serious accident last week. He is already up and walking around! God is faithful!

Pray for DS she just prayed the sinner's prayer with me, losing her spouse. Pray for complete healing from alcohol and smoking. Pray God would heal her to bring others to Him.

Former coworker in the hospital with Covid pneumonia and on oxygen. Today they moved her to less oxygen and she’ll be going home in a few days. Thank you Jesus.

My sister is now sober for 5 months. Hallelujah ! We’ve been praying for her addiction to alcohol. God is answering prayer, she’s listening to church online.

Thank You Jesus for guiding my daughter away from worldly friends and gifting her with a Christian friend. Please help her to continue seeking you.

Praising God for giving my husband an opportunity to get his real estate license. Thank you Lord for also helping my son to pass this semester in college.