Answered Prayers - CO

Thank You, Jesus and TSC! I was in the grip of generalized panic disorder. I listened to Pastor Carter's sermon Christmas 2018. I was set free later that year.

Thank you to Pastor Carter, who promised a baptism of the Spirit in one Christmas sermon. It arrived! Alleluia! (not the next day, but ten months later).

B went into the hospital because she said I was trying to kill her. I did spiritual warfare. She is back on medication. She had three of us over for Bible study. A miracle!

Thank you and praise you Lord Jesus for dying on the cross so that my father-in-law (and all of us) could enter the throne room of grace when he passed last week.

I asked on Apr. 8, for prayer because a woman was angry. She finally left a spiritually dangerous job and her boyfriend and moved to live with her daughter's family.