Answered Prayers - CA

Thank God! I got good news when I went to the doctor this last time. My health is good. I have to return for one last test in a month. Continue praying for me!

The Lord is a healer and awesome in power! Thank you, TSC, for answered prayers. The infection in my stomach and the G-tube is healed, and I never contracted COVID-19.

Thank you for praying for son David. The Holy Spirit kept him still and opened his heart more than ever to the love, and forgiveness of God. Praying a Saul/Paul conversion.

Asked the Lord to use me or take me Home. He chose to use me to lift Him up. Glory to God. Got to give five girls the Gospel of John. They received them happily. Praise the Lord!

Thanks for your prayers. My father Jorge passed away on October 7th 2020. Please pray for my sister, she is dreaming of him. She thinks that he is talking to her.

I've been asking for prayer for several months to be healed from the effects of chemo and radiation. I'm feeling so much better! Thank you for all the prayers!