Answered Prayers - CA

Thanking God for delivering my sister from four years of torment. She can now breathe, live, and have her life back. We are so grateful to God! Join us in praise.

My son, Ismael, finally received his unemployment and it was retroactive! Only God can do this! He left the faith, but I'm always reminding him that it was God.

God is faithful! I applied for the pandemic unemployment just last week, and they answered this week that I will be getting money every week for 9. 5 months!

Prayed for Josh to get a good job and God provided. He even got 100% on the final test for his job. Thank You, Jesus! You're faithful. Provide for all who need it.

I just prayed for my grandson to get a good job and he just called, he has an interview with an absolutely fantastic company. All benefits! Tomorrow!