Answered Prayers - CA

I am healed of COVID-19! I did not experience severe symptoms! Last week I requested prayer for healing and God pulled me through!

We prayed for Joshua and the Lord came through with a good job, a work truck and gas card, and to rent a room while he saves money for his own truck. Thank You, Jesus!

For a year, I have submitted prayer requests to be healed of breast cancer. Thank you, TSC, for praying me through surgery, chemo, and radiation. I'm cancer-free!

I had asked for prayer for my law school finals on 8/10; although they were hard, specifically the last exam of the day, I was able to finish and not give up.

Thanking Jesus for all the prayers the Lord heard and saved Joshua's life with getting his teeth fixed as the infection was going to his bone. Glory!

Mr. Williams lost his job in May due to COVID-19 and he had to foster his dog out. God has blessed him with a job, and he's able to get his dog back. Thank God.