Answered Prayers - AL

So thankful for your prayers for my daughter Jessica who struggles with opioid addiction and depression. She is communicating with sisters and me. She has a job!

Prayers answered for my daughter. Severe anxiety, depression, panic, and addictions to misused narcotics most of her life. Free in Jesus' name!

Thank you for praying for 18-year-old Elijah who received a bone marrow transplant from his dad Tom. His body accepted it, out of ICU, and will be moved.

Praise God! Elijah age 18, is improving, body accepting bone marrow transplant from his dad, Tom. Thank you for continuing to pray.

Thank you for praying for my time with grandchildren. They will spend nights with me. I am seeing them a lot! 3 of 9 live very close by. 3 are 50 miles away.

Thank you for praying. My oldest daughter Kellie and oldest grandchild Amelia had great time in N.Y.C.! Arrived safely Thursday. Back home yesterday.