Answered Prayers - AL

Thank you for your faithful prayers! My daughter Kellie saw a neurologist due to headaches from a concussion. He was unconcerned and prescribed meds for 3 mos.

Thank you for praying that I hear from my daughter Jessica who messaged me for my birthday. Also Emma, my daughter, and I, are experiencing normal happy time.

Thank you for praying for my son-in-law Jason with COVID-19. He is recovering well. Prayers needed for his family which includes 3 of my grandchildren.

Thank you all so much for praying! I have been blessed to spend time with all 9 grandchildren this summer! My cup runneth over.

Thank you for praying. I am in New Hampshire with my daughter Hannah, 2 grandsons (Jacob is 4, Alexander 8-months), and son-in-law David.