Answered Prayers - AL

My daughter Emma recovered from Covid-19 and a miscarriage. God bless you all Times Square Church! Praying for the day church meets again.

Thanks for your prayers! My daughter Jessica did a video chat with 4-year-old grandson Lucas. Says visiting soon with me and her other children Raygen, Sarah-K.

Praise God! Thank you for praying! My oldest daughter Kellie is recovering from a concussion, as physical therapy is working. The neurologist says she can resume work.

Thanks for praying for my retired pastor's wife! After being seriously ill with COVID-19, even needing oxygen at home, and having lupus, she is back at church playing the organ.

Asked prayer last week for a miracle for Donna. Praise God! Resurrection life coming back to her! Cancer is the name that has to bow to the name of Jesus!

Thank you for your faithful prayers! My daughter Kellie saw a neurologist due to headaches from a concussion. He was unconcerned and prescribed meds for 3 mos.