Answered Prayers - AL

Praise God! My son-in-law J. R. And granddaughter Sarah-Kathryn, 8, were unharmed yesterday in a car wreck, as well as the other young man. Cars totaled.

I received a text message from my daughter today. I hadn't heard from her in months. Thank you for your prayers. I believe God.

Thank you so much for praying! My daughter Jessica video- chatted with me, her children Raygen, and Sarah-Kathryn, and my other daughter, Emma.

Praise to God for the health and safety of my nine grandchildren and their parents, Amelia, Raygen, Sarah-Kathryn, Keller, Lucas, Jacob, Lizzie, Ethan, and Alex.

Thank you for praying for my daughter Kellie and son-in-law Jason with marital problems. Jason is meeting with a discipleship group. Talks with Kellie.

My daughter Emma recovered from Covid-19 and a miscarriage. God bless you all Times Square Church! Praying for the day church meets again.