Answered Prayers

Blood tests, chest Xrays, chest cat scan, kidneys, and bladder sonograms are all good. Glory to God! Still dealing with swelling in the legs. Jesus Saves! Thanks.

Praise report for my sister Marcia who has had very successful cancer treatment. Her condition is much better than was expected. Praise the Lord.

Praise God! Orlando had surgery 6/22 to remove a huge mass on the lungs (stage 4 lung cancer). Dr. Said he was dying and it didn't look good. After surgery, no cancer.

My son and friend had Covid19 in Fl. She couldn't breathe. I sent a prayer to TSC, within 2 days - she is recovering and he has too.

God is faithful! I applied for the pandemic unemployment just last week, and they answered this week that I will be getting money every week for 9. 5 months!