Answered Prayers - United States

I give thanks to Jesus for everything. I was Given "Caleb" strength to do physical and mental tasks. Not yet finished. But by the Grace of God I will finish!

My wife Patricia is being quickened by God's Spirit. God is helping her with chronic pain, giving her hope again. She is out again sharing the Gospel! God is good!

Many answered prayers! Bridgett had baby Evelyn after a hard time conceiving. Joe had a successful surgery and recovery. Jeff got a job and a place to stay.

I requested prayer for God to bless me with Christian fellowship and a spiritual mentor. God gave them to me. Praise the Lord! He is caring and faithful.

Baby Hazel (5 months) that Suzie Georges/all of you prayed for months back, doing GREAT, since heart surgery - all medical bills paid! Her parents so thankful!

A while back, I asked for prayer for Steve in Florida, whose alcoholism was destroying his Christian family. He has now been sober for over 13 months and turning to God!