Answered Prayers - Philippines

God is Good all the time! Praise God! My brother has been healed by the Holy Blood of Jesus Christ. He was infected by Covid previously. Thank you and God bless.

My mom's blood test results are normal and the lymnodes on her neck are getting smaller! Please pray for her consultation with the doctor will be successful.

Thank you TSC for praying, for me to get my needed band score in IELTS. God is truly amazing, when He said it will rain of blessings, He'll make it flood. God BLESS.

Prayer request on Nov. 4th. Praise God! I am now PHRN and for sister Teresa's wonderful preaching about frontliner that night. Stay safe and God bless TSC Family.

Hi, I just want to send my grateful heart, to everyone who responded to my prayer request. My boyfriend Junsoo, struggled with COVID-19 for two months, with eight of his colleagues.

Thanks be to God our Father in Heaven. My mom, Elisa, was discharged from the hospital after having a heart attack and COVID-19, and we did not have to pay a bill.