Answered Prayers - Norway

A few months ago you prayed for a man who had a stroke. He is up and walking. A little unsteady and tired but on his way to a full recovery. Thank you, TSC.

Thanks, TSC. A few days ago, I asked for prayer for a house for my son and daughter-in-law before August 15. The next day they got a house. They are moving on July 20. Hallelujah!

Some weeks ago I asked to pray for A. who had a severe infection in his stomach. A. is now healed and back at work. Thanks to God and thanks to you.

I sent in a prayer request a month ago for Anna, a 2-month-old. Her head was growing too fast. She has had a CT scan her head, and nothing was wrong. Praise the Lord.

I asked for prayer for our daughter-in-law who got a very serious infection Saturday 15. February. She is now completely healed and the baby is also well. Thanks to God.