Answered Prayers - South Korea

Thank all of you Saints who prayed for our family for many years. 100% of the prayers submitted here were answered with immense redeeming love. Praise God!

Thankful for surgery on AV malform on the 12th without complications and for grace despite language barriers. As God knit me together in my mother's womb, may he knit my toe back.

I have found a healing ministry, and they are helping me to fight this spiritual attack. There is a way to go yet, but I'm better now. Thank you for your prayers, TSC!

Thank God, for protecting and keeping me and my family from any harm and evil. I could pray "breakthrough praying" after a long time. Praise God and give glory to God!

I requested prayer for a problem with the hot water. It was fixed supernaturally, after not working for three days. My prayer was answered in less than one day.