Answered Prayers - India

Praise God and thank you TSC church for praying for Suwarna's daughter. She got married recently. It's a break through in their family.

Dear TSC, thank you for praying for Susan, she delivered a baby girl yesterday The mother and child are fine. May Jehovah Jireh provide their needs and save them.

Dear TSC Thank you for praying for Bubbly who went missing from home but Jesus found her she is back home all glory to God. May she walk in obedience.

I'm a widow. God opened a door for my son in Summit. He is in safe hands. He is learning about God and his word, very happy, and enjoying his spiritual walk with God.

Thank you for praying. Anjali from Dehradun, India is off the ventilator. She is five months pregnant. The baby is safe, too. Her husband is a pastor. They are grateful!

Just want to thank you for the precious prayers from Time Square Church. I submitted a prayer request for my brother and the Lord Jesus answered, May the Lord bless you.