Answered Prayers - United Kingdom

Thank you for praying regarding my opiate addiction. I have an interview for rehab on 3rd of Aug at the old Mattersey Bible college in England. It's looking good that I will get in!

Praise God my body is responding well to new medication. It is known for strong side effects but God is keeping me well. Thank you for your prayers.

Giving thanks to God for favourable exam results, employment, and a testimony which would not be believed even if it were told.

Thank you, TSC, for praying for my daughter, who recently graduated, to get a great job on her chosen career path. To God be the all the glory in Christ Jesus.

TSC, thank you for praying for Mary. She had been told her cancer was spreading. Glory be to God for His healings, the doctors could not find it!

Thank you for your prayers for my wrist. The majority of the pain has gone and I have regained a lot of function back. Praise God. He is faithful.