Answered Prayers - United Kingdom

Hallelujah! Lord Father Jesus has answered almost all of my prayers I submitted, especially the one I sent last Sunday and I received good news the next day.

I reached out to my sister in forgiveness after 21 years of her not talking to me. We're meeting up in September. This is the start of something new. Thank you.

Thank you Lord for healing Leanne who had a hysterectomy recently and has been told she now doesn't have cancer. Please heal her Crohn's and liver, thank you.

Spoke to my ex-husband after 36 years, since listening to the unforgiveness message on Tuesday. He had divorced me and left his son and daughter without financial support.

My alcoholic son Chanza, prayed the born-again prayer with Pastor Tim yesterday from his sick bed. His heart is broken and needs fixing. Thank you, TSC.

I was scheduled for a C-section on the morning of May 22. Praise God, He intervened. I delivered naturally a few hours before surgery in easy labor that lasted an hour.