Answered Prayers - Finland

Thank you Father for the blessing I've received through TSC online. I've been empowered, strengthened and encouraged. Such anointing and a breath of fresh air.

Praise Jesus! My friend who wanted to an abortion has decided not to do so! God is so good! This little baby is going to live and be very blessed! Praise God!

After infertility and miscarriage, God has been faithful, and now I'm pregnant! Thank you TSC and Jesus for giving me hope and strength not to give up, but pray.

My Dad is already recovering from his infection. He will be able to come home soon after being hospitalised for several weeks. Thank you Lord, thank you TSC!

Praise God, my health check-Up / cancer screening showed no issues. Very grateful to the Lord! Thank you TSC for your prayer support!

Thanks to Jesus; after miscarriage and over 2 years of infertility I am pregnant! God is so good! He sees our hurt and helps us! Thank you father for your love!