Answered Prayers - Canada

Thank you Lord for a miracle today. After three long years, Terri Lynn has been reunited with her autistic son Joshua from the hospital. Thank you TSC for prayers!

Thank you TSC for praying for Alex a while back. Doctors thought he wouldn't make it, but he is still alive. Infection is gone and he is off the respirator. Glory to God!

Thank you, TSC for praying for me. God helped me and the darkness is now behind me. Thank You Jesus for bringing Your Light back into my life. Thank You so much.

Dear Jesus, thanks for counting our tears! I am nothing and didn't have any special talents. My relatives, families and friends didn't have any hope.

Thank you so much Jesus for healing my hernia and my mother's hernia without surgery. Thank you so much Jesus for healing my son's spectrum and speech.

Praise God! Pathology showed high and low grade precancer cells and margins of lesion removed was clear. No cancer. But still need 3 normal tests to be declared clear.