Answered Prayers - Canada

THANKING Jesus for reconciliation with a family member from a prayer request long ago! God is so faithful to answer! Praying for their salvation and healing too!

In summer 2021, my mom nearly died in hospital. You all prayed for a miracle and she came home on a feeding tube. Now she's eating solid food. Thank you Jesus!

Thank you, Lord, for providing a GP doctor who listens and is willing to help in my battle with head and neck lymphedema. What a blessing.

Thank you, Lord, for your provision, protection, strength, faithfulness, and mercy, which You have given generously. My battles rage on, but You always win!

Thanking Jesus for reconciling the family that Pastor Carter prayed for years ago! God is so faithful; all honor and glory go to Him! Praying for salvation!

I just asked for clarity and got some not long after sending my prayer request. That was a fast answer to prayer. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, TSC.