Answered Prayers - Canada

Thanking Jesus for supernaturally delivering me from nightly panic attacks for the past 14 months! Pray for full healing/peaceful sleep through the night!

Thanks for your prayers for my friendA´s four-year-old daughter. She had a successful surgery. I give God the glory. Great things He has done.

I would like to thank you for praying for my friend's daughter. Please continue to pray for her that God would use this to bring glory to His name.

Thank you Jesus! I had chemo today and they were able to use my veins. No mention of surgery to implant a port! He cares about the details! Love you, Jesus!

Glory to God! I have a nursing job offer before writing my NCLEX. Only God can do it. May God open doors for all those looking for work as He has done for me.

Praise, glory, honour is all yours God. Thank you for healing friend's dad of COVID-19. Truly grateful. Also, downgrading hurricane Teddy. Never cease to be amazed!