Answered Prayers

Thank You, Jesus, for starting to recover, and restore, stolen property in Dave's family. After decades-long degrees of silence and distance, 11 contacts were initiated in the past 7 days! Praise God!

Thank you for all your prayers which have strengthened and comforted us. My father has gone home to be with the Lord today, his 19th day in the hospital. We will miss him but we know that he is in the presence of God.

Thank God I learned Biblical evangelism, was able to preach the Gospel at my high school reunion and was able to give Gospel tracts to my relatives and friends. Please pray also for their salvation.

I asked for prayer that God would give me the gift of healing of His people's unbelief. I see it happening all around me and notice that His words in me have more weight. He is answering! Thank you.

I'm so happy. My parents and sister now come to the same church as me. I stopped attending the Catholic Church, and I now attend an Evangelical Church. I feel the presence of Jesus every week. Amen.

First day of fast and I see the chains falling. My prodigals have come home. Yes, brother Carter, the mustard seed sized faith has spoken to the mountains which have kept us defeated. Hallelujah!

I asked God for provision because I was at rock bottom financially and within a few days he provided through 3 different ways. We serve a living God who sees all our needs and sufferings and delivers!

My grandmother gave her heart to the Lord in her last hours after years of praying for her. Now instead of hopeless sorrow, I'm filled with joy knowing that she will soon be in the presence of Jesus!

Praise God and we give Him all the glory for providing finances for hospital bills for my sister Cecile. God our provider, God our healer. Glory to the Lord most high!