Answered Prayers

My spouse came forward to me and confessed his relapse in por. I did not shame him and thanked him for it. Thank you for praying TSC. In His Word we will get victory.

Jehovah, thank You For covering me from COVID-19 while helping a family in Florida. Thank you for negative test results on my medical follow-up. Appreciate You Amen.

Please pray for a young woman whose mind is being destroyed by drugs. Her brother also. We've known them since childhood. Their mom is broken and hurting.

Thank You Jesus and TSC for all the prayers that have gone up for my family and that have been answered. From suicide thoughts, healings, protection, provisions etc.

Yesterday I accidently stepped in a small hole and fell, and rolled down a 11' 45' incline. Praise God I have a few cuts and bumps, but no broken bones. Glory to God!