Answered Prayers

God is for me and I praise His holy name! My business was near collapse. Last Friday, my partners offered me a good credit line. Now I'm hopeful. Hallelujah!.

Thank you Jesus! He saved me today from a car crash on the highway. I accidentally got on the highway as a new driver. I'm fine and the cars were fine, thanks to grace.

Thank you for keeping me safe on this job you have placed me in. Thank you for healing my family and I. I had COVID-19, and you bless me through it all!

Granddaughter had been kidnapped. Praise God! She came home today! Thank you for your prayers. We serve a loving, caring God who is full of compassion!

Father, just want to THANK YOU for answering, protecting, and delivering me during the work situation. Thank You for the personal breakthrough and victory over evil.