1. Shawn sanders   •  

    Thank you for your sacrifice and dedication. We are praying for you and all of times square church as well as the church of Jesus Christ. That we are not deceived but awake, alert and diligent, about the work of our Lord. God Bless you!

  2. Bennie   •  

    I find it very difficult to find a church in my country that teaches the word of God, they all stand on the alter saying all these nice things making people feel good but they dont even open a bible and many things they speak of doesn't correspond with the bible

  3. Elizabeth,   •  

    We will fight Pastor Carter.
    Thank you Pastor Carter. Awesome message.

  4. Samuel   •  

    Amen!...….God Bless you!!!!

  5. Elizabeth Caputo   •  

    Amen I listen to 570 AM The Mission all the time I will tune in. I always appreciate your "Its Time to Pray" always blessed by your prayers, teachings, preaching and songs of Worship

  6. Judy Harding   •  

    Brother Colon preaches TRUTH! The LORD is coming soon but we know not when. Now after a week of rioting our Country needs to pray to have our National sins forgiven. But it is imperative YOUR personal sins be forgiven FIRST. I have listened to Bro Colon for a year, He has a true & faithful message

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