1. Michelle Peters   •  

    Dear Pastor, The Lord placed it on my heart today to pray for you. I thought you said you are going to India in one of your recent messages, but couldn’t find where you said that when I went to listen to it again. I usually pray without the other person being aware, but I am just stepping out here i

  2. Michelle Peters   •  

    obedience. I hope you are encouraged and blessed, and this will be used for God’s glory.

    Ro 1, Rev 2:3, Jer 29:11
    Father, in the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ, thank you that you have called Pastor Conlon to be separated unto the gospel of God. By whom he has received grace for obedience t

  3. MichellePeters   •  

    to the faith among all nations, for Your name, Lord. Father, I ask that You place upon him Your spirit of peace and cause his journey to be prosperous, and protect his steps along the way. Cause him the ability through Your Holy Spirit, Father, to impart some spiritual gift to the believers he will

  4. MichellePeters   •  

    meet so they will be established, and they all be comforted by their mutual faith in You, Jesus. May his trip be fruitful, and a great harvest come into Your Kingdom.

    Father, I ask that You pour out Your patience, and ability to endure labor and works on this group of believers. Place upon the lead

  5. MichellePeters   •  

    leaders Your discernment so they may be able to detect any false teachings that would lead them astray. But most of all, Holy Spirit, I ask that anyone who has drifted from their first love, from Jesus, that You bring them back by Your gentle prompt of repentance. Bring them back, Father, to worship

  6. MichellePeters   •  

    worship and prayer and to the joy of their salvation that is had by faith through grace and not of works lest any man boast. Cause them to be overcomers for their families, communities, and nation. Break away any spirit of contention Father, and rise up a spirit of unity in truth. As they return to

  7. MichellePeters   •  

    You, Father, I ask that You renew their hope in You for the future You have planned for them, Amen.

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