Spiritual Depression

Spiritual depression is something that can happen to the godliest among us. It can afflict those whose hearts are tender and passionate for truth, and who long for a return to right living in their society. If left unabated, spiritual depression can lead to isolation from everyone and everything. We are exhorted in the book of Hebrews; Do not neglect the assembling of yourselves. Don’t try to go at it alone! As you come through these dark places, there will be a compassion deposited in your heart from the suffering, that was never there before. You will begin to recognize that, without God, I can do nothing. But with God I can do all things!


  1. Andrew   •  

    Thank you - spoke much to me. Your are very encouraging!

  2. rosaLIE   •  

    Hello this is such a great teaching for someone that came out of church into Hebrew Roots movement and it is so sad all the lies i was taught the father gave me a dream that matched the word then i woke up Amen Amen i dont have a church here Thank You

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