Greetings from Caesar’s Home

There are no coincidences with God, His hand is in every situation. Through the life of Paul, we learn that we have been captivated for a divine purpose and if Christ is in us, then God’s purpose for us cannot be stopped by hard circumstances. When we stop asking God to get us out of where we are and allow Him to show us the reason why He’s positioned us in difficult situations, our lives become a lighthouse that guides others out of danger and darkness. Don’t think what you’re going through is strange, like Paul, use your place of captivation as an opportunity to spread the Gospel and free those around you from their chains.

Spiritual Depression

Spiritual depression is something that can happen to the godliest among us. It can afflict those whose hearts are tender and passionate for truth, and who long for a return to right living in their society. If left unabated, spiritual depression can lead to isolation from everyone and everything. We are exhorted in the book of Hebrews; Do not neglect the assembling of yourselves. Don’t try to go at it alone! As you come through these dark places, there will be a compassion deposited in your heart from the suffering, that was never there before. You will begin to recognize that, without God, I can do nothing. But with God I can do all things!

Keep the Lamps Burning

As humans we have a tendency to become bored with the familiar. There is a grave danger of taking the presence of God for granted. God forbid that we should be involved in God’s works with a passionless repetition. The only thing that can stop the work of God in our lives is the lethargy in our own hearts. This is not the time to draw back, we must press into the future because God has something deeper and greater for us than ever before. If we are willing to overcome the compromise in our hearts, God will open up a supply of His Spirit and the lamp of our testimony will burn brighter and brighter.

Victory Comes When Victory Can No Longer Come

The church of Jesus Christ is going to recover and discover their strength in God alone. For too long we have been too strong. We can be confident in our ability to a certain point until we face something that’s beyond our ability. When we get to a place where we have nothing left but a confidence in God, He will take us in our weakness and become our strength. Victory comes when in our feebleness we enter into His victory.

God Never Laughs at the Honest Heart

As a nation we have turned away from God, that’s why truth doesn’t matter much anymore. We are at the edge of losing the awareness of God because the majority of our society is godless. The human heart has the capability of becoming so hard that some people will not admit that God’s ways are right and repent of their sin. Wisdom is God’s Presence, Spirit and Knowledge in society and it cries out for a response. Today, if you hear the voice of wisdom don’t hardened you heart. God will never laugh at an honest heart no matter how deep your struggle is. Whoever opens their heart to His wisdom will dwell safely and be secure without fear of evil.

The Compromised Religion in a Corrupted Time

Do you have a deep desire to be a clean vessel for God? Are you willing to put away evil practices, ungodly relationships, and unclean speech? If we regard iniquity in our heart and give place to wrong behavior God will not hear our prayers, but if we order our conduct God will command a blessing and cause us to bring glory to His name. True prayer will bring honor to Jesus Christ again. We are desperate for a spiritual awakening and it’s the only thing that will save this nation. We must find our unity at the Cross and trust God for the power to look and sound more like Jesus.