Why Do the Nations Rage?

What is this grand conspiracy forming in the world today? What is the source of this agitation? Satan has succeeded in sowing his character in humanity that says we can be our own judge and determine for ourselves what is good and what is evil. The only impediment to this misguided journey in this society is now on God and His people who stand in stark contrast showing the world there is a God, and there is something called sin. Sin separates us from God, not just in time but for eternity. There is only one King in this world and Jesus is the only King that can show mercy to a sinner and declare them forgiven and cleansed. If you are a casual Christian living in compromise the Holy Spirit will help you escape the boundaries of your own stubbornness and empower you to live in the boundaries of God’s kingdom.

Sealing The Stone And Setting The Guard

We are living in a time when society is attempting to put away the testimony of Jesus Christ and seal Him up so that their sinful behavior will not be challenged. We are reminded that God sits in Heaven above all power and authority. He can never be pushed out of anywhere because He is everywhere. God will raise up an army of people who are shut away in the secret place of prayer and empower us to be evidence that Jesus Christ is alive.

“Yes Lord” Is a Prayer

We are living in a moment of history where we must understand the largeness of God’s heart. When we pray, what would it be like if we stopped asking God to do something, and simply agreed with Him for what He has already determined to do? As we learn to obey the Lord’s promptings, we will spend more time in prayer saying “Yes Lord” than asking Him to do something. The future of this nation will always be connected with the prayers of God’s people. God is initiating a moment in history where He desires to be merciful, when we begin to pray “Yes Lord” and become fully engaged with the work of God, those around us will bow their heads and begin to worship Him.

Escaping the Yoke of the Swindler

How much do you esteem God’s purpose for your life? When the American Church abdicated their purpose; when we lost the fervency to preach the Gospel and the passion to save the lost, we opened the door for deception and imposters. In our slumber, swindlers crept into the church and they grabbed pulpits by deceit which were not rightfully theirs.

There is something that is coming to this society that is God induced and Spirit inspired. If you are restless and tired of pretending your living in victory, don’t be ashamed to lift up your voice and call out to God, He will break the yoke of bondage off your neck, bless you and make you a blessing.

Greetings from Caesar’s Home

There are no coincidences with God, His hand is in every situation. Through the life of Paul, we learn that we have been captivated for a divine purpose and if Christ is in us, then God’s purpose for us cannot be stopped by hard circumstances. When we stop asking God to get us out of where we are and allow Him to show us the reason why He’s positioned us in difficult situations, our lives become a lighthouse that guides others out of danger and darkness. Don’t think what you’re going through is strange, like Paul, use your place of captivation as an opportunity to spread the Gospel and free those around you from their chains.

Spiritual Depression

Spiritual depression is something that can happen to the godliest among us. It can afflict those whose hearts are tender and passionate for truth, and who long for a return to right living in their society. If left unabated, spiritual depression can lead to isolation from everyone and everything. We are exhorted in the book of Hebrews; Do not neglect the assembling of yourselves. Don’t try to go at it alone! As you come through these dark places, there will be a compassion deposited in your heart from the suffering, that was never there before. You will begin to recognize that, without God, I can do nothing. But with God I can do all things!